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How do I store my play dough?         Store in a ziplock bag or sealed container and it will last 3+ months!

My play dough feels dried out what do I add?  Just add in  a touch of vegetable oil.

My play dough sat for a while and the salt is showing through...Just add a touch of vegetable oil and         knead  dough. 

My play dough feels sticky, what do I add?         Just add in a little flour.

What is in my all-natural play dough?      Combination of oil, flour, food coloring, cream of tartar, scent, salt, and water

Is this kit for all ages?  Yes! but some kits have small pieces and 3 and under should be supervised. 


What is your return policy?

We cannot take returns. Trust us, you'll love your kit and won't want to return it!

What are the payment options?

Pay online when you order with your credit/check card.

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